The League of Fantastic Vagabonds is a masterclass retreat in Ericeira, Portugal organized for all manner of fantasy creators, be it a writer, an artist, a performer, a cinematographer, or a fashion designer.

This community focuses on bringing together all the obsessive types who have a fantasy story to tell, regardless of the medium or platform they use to tell it. We celebrate all those who try their best to level up their storytelling skills and we work hard to help them in that pursuit.

We believe that our masterclass retreats can foster talent, inspiration, and love for all things fantastical, and there is no better place for that than Portugal: the landscapes are out of this world, the night sky is bright, the ocean is majestic, and the wine is fantastic. All who travel here to seek knowledge will leave with plenty.


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The Vagabond team

Silver & Kaya Saaremael

Originally from the cold lands of Finland, we’re a married two-person team living on the coast of Portugal. Together we create stories, make art, geek out about sci-fi and fantasy, and plot world domination.

We're addicted to learning and teaching almost as much as we are to this beautiful country. There's nothing better than the feeling of sharing something you enjoy with a friend, and that is why we created the League of Fantastic Vagabonds masterclasses — a way for us to share the inspiration we've been given.

With a collective two decades experience in the games industry, we have worked as art directors and concept artists with companies such as Crytek, Jagex, Fantasy Flight Games, Wooga, King, and Snowprint and have created the webcomic Run Freak Run and the webseries Book of Fates.

We look forward to meeting like minded vagabonds who love fantasy and the art of creation, and hope we can all teach each other something new.


- Silver's portfolio
- Kaya's portfolio

Throw us an e-mail for any questions about the masterclass retreat!

Silver's instagram: @silver_sept13
Kaya's instagram: @rabbithole_projects

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